Concrete Floor Surface Finishes

Concrete Floor Surface Finishes

Level Best are able to offer varying different types of finish to the external concrete slab in order to cater for the clients requirements. Most logistic centres in the UK have whats known as a “brushed” finish to the surface of the concrete with trowelled edge margins. Whilst this is aesthetically pleasing the fine brush finish is sometimes not robust enough to withstand constant heavy trafficking in conjunction with extremely cold weather. In such cases we frequently offer clients the opportunity to select a surface finish to the concrete with a more “course” texture.

These surface finishes can be carried utilising the industrial concrete flooring contractor’s power floats or sometimes with special tooling capable of producing a combed surface finish.


Latest Projects

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Coloured and polished concrete flooring is becoming increasingly popular and we at Level Best have been experimenting with various different colours and systems for the past two years. This latest coloured concrete floor sample has received the colour blue to … Read More

Design and build warehouse concrete flooring in Staples Corner, London

Level Best Concrete Flooring, the industrial contractor from East Yorkshire, were contracted to completely design and construct this industrial warehouse concrete floor slab for a repeat customer in Staples Corner, London. A gas membrane and A193 reinforcing mesh was laid … Read More

Industrial warehouse concrete floor slab on behalf of St Modwen Developments, in Derby

Level Best Concrete Flooring has successfully completed their first laser screed concrete floor slab on behalf of the developer St Modwen on an industrial estate in Derby. The 175mm deep, steel mesh reinforced cast insitu concrete floor slab was laid … Read More

Fibre reinforced external concrete slab, for new waste recycling facility, Wallsall, West Midlands

Level Best Concrete Flooring has recently been laying fibre reinforced concrete floor slabs in Wallsall for a new waste recycling facility on behalf of Wastecare Limited. The area measured over 25,000 square feet in total and the industrial concrete flooring … Read More

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We appointed Level Best Concrete Flooring Limited to carry out the design and construction of the internal warehouse concrete floor slabs for our contract at CePac, Goole, East Yorkshire. It was the first time we have worked with Level Best and the standard of work carried out was to the highest quality and our client was extremely impressed. We have since used Level Best on three other successful concrete flooring projects.
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